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     Tipton Tactical is a Sole Proprietor owned business. My name is Gentry Lee Tipton owner and operator. Originally from Trumann Arkansas, I eventually set up shop in Bono Arkansas.

     My firearm background began long before the tours in the United States Marine Corps that covered the First Gulf War in 3rd Battalion 5th Marines and Operation Iraqi Freedom with 3rd Battalion 23rd Marines. Growing up in Arkansas, I was exposed to firearms at a young age. Purchased my first firearm at the age of 16, a Colt 1911 Government Model Series 80. I’ve been carrying one ever since. I am my boot camp’s cycle Battalion High Shooter at Edson Range Camp Pendleton, CA. Other than being schooled on infantry weapons during training and conflict, as a trainer myself I coached Marine Recon and officers in pistol, and served on the 3rd Battalion 9th Marines shooting team with rifle and pistol. I was also the “go to fix it guy” if the armorer didn’t have the means or parts in the remote locations we found ourselves in.

     A life long student of self defense and firearm mechanism design, this journey led me to what I believe to be the most viable choice for a firearm in a long-arm platform, the H&K Delayed Roller Blowback mechanism. To optimize this system, necessity guided me to fabricate an accessory that I could not find elsewhere that met my standards for affordability, durability, storability, and multi function. This accessory is of course the Tipton Tactical Invertible Cheek Piece Mount.

    I found that using mine really put the finishing touch on an already outstanding weapon system. The ICM is not a mass produced accessory. I fabricate each part into a functional piece of equipment step by step, one by one. I stand by each part purchased to be functional and to perform as advertised. I hope you appreciate yours as much as I do mine. Thank you for your time, God Bless America, and Semper Fidelis.

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