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Invertible Cheek Piece Mount

An interface between a provided cheekpiece and the HK 90 rifle series stock.

The Concept Behind the Design

The both patented ICM and ICM II are more than just a place to mount a cheek piece; the're a high quality rugged dual purpose quick detach low profile no-nonsense piece of gear the buyer will be able to afford and use in confidence.

The mounting surface of the interface allows the user to attach their own acquired cheek piece or one provided by the manufacturer.

Pillars, integral nuts, and bolts give the cheek piece its desired semi permanent height.


Description and Function:

The ICM attaches to the stock via OEM takedown pins utilizing the horizontal takedown pin storage holes located just forward of the butt plate. This allows removal of the whole unit from the rifle.


Since the ICM is removable, it allows the user to detach and store out of the way when optics are not being used. The genius of the ICM is that storage takes place in the inverted position right on the rifle stock;

Moreover, the ICM is thus converted into a club foot in the stored inverted position allowing the user to push the butt stock back into the shoulder with the off hand in the prone position to eliminate displacement under rifle recoil when open sights are being used.


An additional pin hole is placed forward of the top pin hole to allow use on an HK clubfoot stock found on the HK21/23 belt fed weapon systems.


Since the ICM is not the cheek piece itself, what material is used is up to the end user. This could be nice oiled walnut, or what I use, plain black plastic. 

Why Buy?

HK accessory cost takes access away from the majority. Current aftermarket alternative choices are limited, low quality, or replaces the original OEM stock and priced high.

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